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                                 911 for the Soul


 ...It gets complicated because all of our parts are connected. There is a constant coversation going on between your mind and body. What affects one effects the other. And then there is spirit. We don't know exactly what that is but it seems to be God's presence with us, in us, or how His presence affects us. Spirit has to do with attitude, and evidently God's presence affects that.  Our choices, our thoughts, even our feelings tell our hypothalamus which bio-chemicals to make and secrete.  

 (You see it IS all connected!)

   The only things we know that affect attitude are the way we choose to see what is happening, and how we respond.  But of course all the things that affect health affect attitude and how we "see."  Do you live off of circumstances? Do you allow them to make your decisions?  Are you scared about not having control?

  Are you living in fear?

   Do you have a safe place in your mind to run to? Need a toolkit?  If you are missing a true self, it's hard to live your adventure.

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                         Ever Wonder?


   Maybe this viewpoint will help make sense of things that don't--why do good people suffer?

   I've written a whole book about it (The Worst Evil--Losing Yourself) and only scratched the surface.  In brief, this is the thesis: God hates suffering, but it must be allowed for the sake of freedom.  Freedom requires choices.  This is how the universe knows who we are, by the characters we build through our choices.

   And there are more complications. We are a universe at war.  We are the textbook for millions of worlds.  And what is the subject?  Evil 101.  

   God didn't want us to know evil, but we were the new planet, maybe the new galaxy, after evil began to exist.

   Yes, we were vulnerable, but the design of our world made a perfect stage for the drama to play out. Would we choose good or evil?  We were free to choose either:  to know God, or forget about him and do it our way.  Never heard any of this? I have a book and a CD coming out on it. Check the store for "Why, God?"

Praise for The Worst Evil--

Losing Yourself


  I love this book! I've read it twice and plan to read it

     again!  --Theresa


  Well done! My favorite is the last chapter. I could

     read it every night for a year! --Lisa


  Read this book, it will change your life.  --Kris


  Everyone should read this book! --Dave