Arla Caraboolad

  Licensed Marriage and Family Systems Therapist

     Certified Family Life Educator, Author, Speaker


 Best Health Tips 2020



1. Eat alkaline food-80%

  (food that burns alkaline)

  fresh fruit, vegetables, almonds,      

   quinoa, millet, soy


2. Exercise 6 x a week

     (something you enjoy)


3. Sleep enough (7+ hrs)


4. Get your Vit D from the

        sun -- 15 min a day

     (do not use sunscreen)


5. Drink enough water for

        your body weight--

         alkaline if possible


6. Give up soda, energy

        drinks and sugar.


7. Eat raw fruits and vegetables        

      for enzymes, take enzymes,

      and check out a good pro-

      biotic and prebiotic to balance

      your biome (good/bad bacteria

 Did you know that how you take care of your body affects how you feel and think?


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